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Seth Thomas Chrono-Lite


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YSeth Thomas was based in Thomaston, Connecticut. They produce very basic, yet classy, "Chrono-Lite" clocks with a "gas tube illuminated dial". It is a nice design, the the neon tube located behind the face, with cut-outs around the edge of the face to illuminate the dial. The glass had a painted element around the edge to catch the neon light for illumination. Good job!     

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This clock is in great condition, and this shows the stylish face and sides of the clock.
These pictures are a little blurry. The label give instructions for servicing the clock.

This clock has had the glass broken out. Unfortunately, it would be hard to reproduce the style of lines painted on the glass to illuminate the face. Note the cut-outs allowing the neon light to glow through from the tube mounted underneath the face of the clock.

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