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Here's some of the major manufacturers of neon clocks. 

Each group will show example of the types of clocks produced by the company. We've tried to present good examples, but there are styles that we're missing, or the photo we have isn't the best. If you've got an unusual or better example, please send us a jpeg file.

Our 2012 News Year Resolution is to add pages for each company that we have examples of. Unfortunately, this will be a work in progress, so if the page you want isn't ready yet, feel free to contact dwalker127@neonclock.org for information. 

So, without further ado...


All American

American Clock Company, Los Angeles


Canadian         Neon Ray   Company

and Pam Clocks

  Correct Time    (Say It In Neon) Curtis

Electric Ad Clock  Company (aka Neon Ad clocks)

Electric Neon Clock  Company
Everlite Federal Neon Clock company

GE (General Electric)

Hanssen Imperial Ad
International Kolux (see Swihart until this page is built)
Lackner and Neon Products LacknerTable-Top Clocks
Lewis Lumi-Dial

Marvin Display Corporation

Modern Advertising Clock Company


Neo-Lite Corp.
Neon Action Neon Clock Company of Los Angeles
Neon Clock Sales Neon Display
Neon Electric Corporation Neon Products (see Lackner until this page is built)
Ohio Advertising Display Company Pam (see Canadian Neon Ray until this page is built)
Prestyle Manufacturing Company Radio-TV Adv. Inc.
Ray Neon Instrument Rosemont


Seth Thomas
Swihart and Time-o-Graph Taylor (thermometers)
Telechron Time-o-Graph (see Swihart until this page is built)
Travel Time Wesco


Manufacturer Unknown


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