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Outdoor Clocks


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There are quite a few different styles of neon clocks designed to be displayed outdoors. Unfortunately, many did not weather well. Here's a few of the styles we've found...    

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Advertising Clocks

Outdoor clocks rarely had logos on them. Most often, if they advertised anything at all, they advertised a local business, such as a garage or a funeral home. The Electric Neon Clock Company clocks were the most common with ads or banners., but several companies made clocks with neon lettering advertising a local business. 

Non-Advertising Clocks

As mentioned, most outdoor clocks contained no advertising. They just hung on a wall and attracted attention. Here's a few of these styles.

Signs Containing Clocks in the Structure

I wonder how many large neon signs with a perfectly good neon clocks have been sent to the scrap yard. Often, you'll see a standard clock, such as a Cleveland clock, hanging on a sign structure. To be considered in this category, however, the sign structure must be clock body. Association rules. 

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