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Clocks Advertising

Food and Beverages

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Hmm, it's lunch time. I think I'll have, uh, yeah, a Coke! Neon clocks were great for giving not-so-subliminal messages. So, it's Dr. Pepper at 10, 2, and 4, or just "Say Pepsi, Please".  

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Soft Drink or Water Clocks

A Pepsi bottle cap logo on a Cleveland yellow target clock..

This Glo-Dial sells a popular water.

A later-day Cleveland.

Another Glo-Dial for Belfast.

I assume this Glo-Dial sells soft drinks.

I can't quite verify that this is a Glo-Dial, so we group it with  "others".

This Modern clock says it all.

Belfast also used table-top models by Glo-Dial
Another beauty Glo-Dial promoting Belfast water. This clock is made by Neon Electric Corporation

Beer and the Hard Stuff

Oui, I'll have a biere. Canadian Neon Ray 

Uno mas cervesa, down San Antonio way, this Neon Products clock seems to say.

How about a North Star, as this Swihart clock suggests.

Another Canadian Neon Ray  for Molson biere.

Any beer will do at the "Dew Drop", as this Marvin clock can attest. See the story of it's restoration.

A couple of Glo-Dial clocks light up for brewski!
  Wiedemann's, from Newport, KY, utilized Ohio Advertising Display clocks.   Molson is (French) Canadian, and the clock is by Canadian Neon Ray Company.

Dairy Clocks

Lackner advertising Sealtest Ice Cream. Yummy!

You can't miss Elsie in this Neon Products clock for Borden.

Elsie appears again in this Pam clock.

I scream, you scream, we all scream for a multi-ring Glo-Dial.
A nice example of a multi-ring Glo-Dial. more photos here.      

Other Food Related

At the New York Cafe, this  Cleveland Aztec. offers "Steaks, Chops, or Chicken".

 This Swihart clock is for a meat-packing company. 

Here's a Glo-Dial found in a pharmacy of a grocery store (just to fit the category!).

A super  Cleveland clock for a supermarket.


A toothpaste clock by Correct Time.

And a dog food clock by Correct Time.


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