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Radio-TV Advertising Inc.


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Radio-TV Advertising Inc. was based in Coral Gables, Florida. They produced clocks, obviously, to promote radio or TV stations. The clock bodies appear to have been Neon PRoducts clocks, and Radio-TV Adv. Inc. probably just customized the glass advertising.    

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This is the very typical style for Radio-TV Adv. Inc. Call letters at the top, dial location on the sides, and some company name or advertising statement at the bottom. Some of the labels read "Coral Gables, Fla." and we assume this is where the company was located, rather than the location of the radio station, as this station has been operating in St. Augustine FL since 1937.
TWAPI served the Birmingham AL area. The glass on this clock may have been restored, as the white lettering looks too clean. The back of the clock indicates that it is possibly made by Neon Products, as this was the body style produced in the early days of Neon Products (rounded corners, and braces across the back). Note the advertising for "Drummond Shoe Company".  

WHOO at 990 was in Orlando at the time this clock was made.
It's "Time to go Fishing" whenever you were listening to WFTL out of Pompano Beach, FL, in the late 1940's.

Daytona Beach is the home to WROD radio.
WRDW is located in Augusta, GA.

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