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Ohio Advertising Display Company, in Cincinnati, utilized a small neon clock with a spinner in some of the signs they produced. They called these the "Color-In-Motion" signs. Occasionally you see these clocks solo, not attached to a sign, and sometimes there's a color wheel rather than a clock face.

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Here is the "Color-in-Motion" clock. This one was a stand-alone unit, either removed from a sign, or never part of a sign. These clocks were about eight inches in diameter, so they are rather small compared to most neon clocks.

This is what the common sign looked like. Evidently Wiedemann's Beer was produced just over the river from Cincinnati in Newport, Kentucky. 

This is a color wheel made by the Ohio Advertising Display Company. This is larger than the smaller clock, probably about 18 inches diameter. It has the typical Synchron clock motor running the spinner, so I suspect that they may have made a clock version of this same body.
Here are a couple of photos of another sign for Weidemann's.



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