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Neon Clock Sales


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Neon Clock Sales operated out of Chicago. They have a few different models, some were copies of, or copied by, other companies.    

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The earliest clocks produced by the Neon Clock Sales company were these "menu board" clocks. Note the art deco look to the face.
The most common clock produced by Neon Clock Sales were these square clocks, and also copied by other companies (we think). The front trim is chrome, there can be a white face or black, and the logo is in the middle of the face.
They also made small round clocks with a spinner illusion wheel. The company name is below the 6 on the face. Some had receptacles on the top so neon external neon tubes could be powered, but we haven't seen any with the original external neon surviving, so we don't know if it was a ring around the clock or a neon marquee.

Also note that the illusion wheel is a plastic disk (no wire spinners), and the second hand is painted on, and doesn't go all the way to the center post. This seems to be a unique feature of this company.
Here's another round clock with the same spinner design, with red neon.
This "Buick" clock appears to be a reconditioned clock. The face is in very good condition, the spinner disk is missing the second hand, and the can appears to be repainted. Because of this, we can't validate whether this is a restored clock, or a reproduction.

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