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OK, this will be confusing... The Neon Action Clock Sign Company has an operating address of 580 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY. This is the same address as listed for Glo-Dial Clock Sales. Also, one of the clocks below is listed as "Propery of Barnett Film Company". We know that Barnett purchased Glo-Dial clocks and customized them for movie and drive-in theaters. So, these are probably really Glo-Dial clocks, but sold under the Neon Action name for some reason. Maybe like Chevy and Buick under General Motors. Anyway, the clocks below have labels for Neon Action Clock company.    

Click on the Photo to see a larger image

This is obviously a Glo Dial clock, one of the larger sizes.

Here's another example, obviously a Glo Dial body.

This clock has the label on the back both for Barnett Film Co. and for the Neon Action company with the same street address as Glo Dial has.

Here's a photo of another label.

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