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Neon Clocks

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Everlite produced clocks in Los Angeles that were very similar to the more widely known Glo-Dial clocks, and are often confused. Everlite did produce a large number of clocks with fluorescent tube lighting rather than neon. Because out site focuses on neon, we will only present Everlite clocks with neon in them (except to post fluorescent clocks as an example).

They primarily used aluminum for the clock bodies,  but aslo had some done using steele or chrome. Many of the radio station advertising clocks were done by Everlite.     

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This Everlite clock is a fluorescent clock, so you can see how easy it is to confuse this style with neon styles, and with Glo-Dial clocks.

hisAn interesting feqature here is the unpainted space at the bottom of the front glass. There is a spinner disk on which the second hand is painted, and that disk contains wording (Tires, Batteries, etc.) that scrolls into view through the unpainted space. This clock has an aluminum case.

A nice Everlite clock with a chrome body.

A steel-bodied clock that could easily be mistaken as a Glo-Dial. However, this has two rings of neon, where Glo-Dials typically had either a single neon tube, or four tubes in their larger clocks. It is quite possible that Everlite bought clock bodies from Glo-dial, custom-designed the advertising on them, and sold them under the Everlite name.

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