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American Clock Company

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American Clock Company was based in Los Angeles. These clocks are relatively rare, and follow a fairly standard pattern... one ring, two rings, or four rings... I know nothing about these clocks beyond what I can read off the label.

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Here's the basic one ringer... 

And a basic two-ringer...

A slightly different style to the can. Note that there are small holes in the can/bezel where the numbers are located, allowing the neon to glow through. Nice effect...

Here's the four ring style, with the holes in the bezel as well.
Here's another example of the single ring, internal tube style.
This is particularly interesting clock, as it looks to be a Glo-Dial knock-off. The copper body is cool, and here's a good look at the manufacturer's label.

Now I have my doubts about this one... it obviously has Cleveland style hands, and the make of the clock (except number font and neon tube feed-through location) looks to be "Say It In Neon". However, the owners stated it was by American Clock Company, so it's here.

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