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Glo-Dial Company

Table Top styles

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Glo-Dial also produced these really great table top clocks. We've found at least two different styles, and two different finishes.

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This is by far the coolest Glo-Dial... a table top model! I think every office should have one... I wish mine did! Thanks to John Popadiuk for the photo.

Here's the other style of base, we'll call it the "pillbox" style. And also a back view. Not just watch companies used the table-top models... Another Belfast table-top. This provides a good example of the second hand style.

A slightly different style than the Crysler example above. Note that they used both black and blue paint for the back-painted glass.  
The label refers to the New York offices of Glo-Dial. Perhaps the table top clocks were not manufactured in California. And yet another style of glass, serving as the face of the clock.
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