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Due to the large number of Roto-Dial clocks, here is a gallery of photos not displayed on the main page.    

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Here is a little detail of the "sand" aspect of the clock. Also something else a little unusual... most of the original clocks we see of this style have the link between the two circles of neon positioned at the one o'clock point (as here). As seen in the photo below, it looks better to have this at the six o'clock position. We're not sure why the one o'clock position was preferred.

The structure of these clocks was unusual. The bodies were aluminum, and here you can see that the inside neon was one piece, with rather intricate bends to angle the neon behind the diamonds. 

This one has a larger steel body. One might suspect that they mounted a Roto-Dial face structure on a Cleveland can.

The back of some of these had a bracket similar to the Cleveland clocks.
This one looked like it had been sitting in the store for 50 years.  One with a marquee. A Neon marquee! Extra points! Awesome!

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