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Gallery of Correct Time and

Say It In Neon Clocks

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Due to the large number of Correct Time and related clocks, here is a gallery of photos not displayed on the main page.    

Click on the Photo to see a larger image

A toothpaste clock.

And a dog food clock.

And an insurance clock.

And an oil clock.

This "Correct Time to buy Your Sparton Radio" looks suspiciously like a Neon Products clock.  


Some of these are similar to the Glo-Dial style of bezel work.

 Another Say It clock.

  And yet another double-sided clock.


Another style is octagon-shaped with chrome rim strips.

This is a double-sided "Say It In Neon" clock.

A Say It clock as part of a larger sign. This one has a different style of hands.
Several different view of this clock give you and idea of the dimensions. And it has the "Say It In Neon" name on the face. Note that these hands looks a lot like the hands found on some of the Electric Neon clock Company "Aztec" clocks.

A well-kept menu clock.

Their advertising could use a little work... Sometimes we see just thee top portion of the menu clocks.
The red neon washes out the red finish when lit. The face says "Correct Time" below the 12, and it says "Say-It-In-Neon Inc., Buffalo, N.Y." below the 6. Note that the original motor has been replaced with a newer "cheap" motor.
This is the same style as the previous clock, but it has the original motor on it.    

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